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College is more than just attending lectures and preparing for examinations. It’s a fun place to socialize, have fun, learn, and more. The fun things that happen outside the classroom also play an essential role. Events, customs, and social gatherings have all long been a staple of campus life.

Are you aware that universities from across the globe have student traditions that have been followed for a long time? Let’s look at some of the most popular university traditions worldwide.

1. Spree Day – Clark University

Spree Day, a thrilling day selected by the university administration, is a well-known custom practiced at Clark University. It is observed during the spring semester when the majority of courses are dismissed early. Students have pleasure in celebrating during this time. First-year students are not informed about Spree Day. It is one of the most well-known university traditions worldwide since it causes seniors to smash pots and pans to wake up the younger students on the designated day. One of the greatest academic traditions in the world is Spree Day.

2. Silent Dance Party – Carleton College

The Silent Dance Party is another well-liked custom that Carleton College hosts. This dance party, which is held the night before finals, starts at about eleven o’clock. The party planners choose an hour-long playlist to which the attendees dance. With headphones on, everyone gathers on the first level of the library and simultaneously presses play. They move from place to place on the university campus while dancing in silence. It is a renowned university custom that must be observed! This enjoyable custom is arranged each year at Carleton College for the benefit of the students.

3. Dragon Day – Cornell University

Around the middle of March each year, Cornell University students participate in this well-known ritual. It was established more than a century ago as a means of getting ready for spring break. A massive dragon is constructed by architecture students, who then plan a dragon march around the campus. Students parade around the Arts Quad dressed as dragons. They run into their rival engineering students, who are armed with a massive phoenix and prepared to confront the dragon.

4. Pumpkin Drop – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Another well-known and entertaining campus event is the Pumpkin Drop. It’s one of the world’s best university traditions, observed on the Saturday before Halloween. At midnight, frozen pumpkins are delivered to the campus from the Green Building. The usage of frozen pumpkins is justified by the fact that they often result in a greater explosion. Every year, students at the institution take part in this bizarre and entertaining custom.

5. Dooley’s Week – Emory University

Dooley, the unofficial mascot of Emory University, is a non-scary skeleton that’s dressed in black. During this tradition, students repeat Dooley’s slogan on campus. His bodyguards are selected students dressed in black who follow him throughout the week. The one dressed as Dooley is nameless, but students love him because the moment he steps into a classroom, students move out! The week ends with a fun costume party where students show their talents. It’s a fun and exciting tradition that is looked forward to by university students.

6. Shoe Tree – Murray State University

Shoe Tree at Murray State Campus is a tradition for college sweethearts and is one of the most romantic university customs in the world. The custom of having lovers who meet on the Murray campus hang their shoes on the Shoe Tree is thought to have begun in the late 1960s. It’s said to bring them luck!

7. Rub The Toe – Yale University

The practice of “Rub the Toe” is one that Yale University students adhere to. Students are advised to touch their lucky foot on the bronze monument of former Yale University president James Dwight Woolsey. Tour guides explain to pupils that it is usual to rub James’s shoe’s toe in an effort to reap some of his luck. It is one of the most well-known customs in the entire world.

These were some of the most exciting traditions at famous universities worldwide. Students looking for online education can check out 21K School,  a famous school that offers a wide range of programs to students from around the globe.


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