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21K School · Apr 11, 2023 · 2 min read

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Meet Lucy; she is 15 years old and a part-time learner at 21K School. At this young age, she has already established herself as a professional singer, songwriter, and exceptional piano and trumpet player. Her music career began at age four when she realized that music was her newfound love. Since then, she has performed at several concerts, music festivals, and singing competitions.

With talent and dedication, she could ace her stage presence and participate in music TV projects such as “The Voice Kids 8″ 2021. Moreover, for the first time in 2019, she displayed her flair as an actor, singer, and dancer by participating in “Broadway Dreams.” Her splendid performance helped her get chosen to perform in the Grand Final show in New York as a bona fide Broadway artist!

Lucy’s dream is to compose original music and introduce it to the world. Currently, she is trying to be a journey as a songwriter and a performer of her music. Her first album will soon be on the market.

Lucy has demonstrated that she wants to dedicate her life to music. Earlier, she found managing her studies and music practice challenging, as both were equally demanding and important to her. But 21K School made it possible for her to manage both equally well and in a much more organized manner. In addition, she loves the flexibility that 21K offers and how she can spend substantial time on her studies and dedicate her time to personal interests such as music.

21K School is an excellent alternative for learners with significant commitments outside their regular studies or those looking to hone their skills in performing arts. It offers learners the chance to enrol in online A Level, International GCSE, ESOL, AP, or US diploma classes without disturbing their regular progress in terms of school work.

With 21K School, not only was she able to manage school and music easily but also her knowledge and learning in school improved considerably!

Joining 21K at the right time helped her realize her original music. Now with the talent that she boasts, along with support from the school, it will be possible for her to turn all her dreams into reality!

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