Types of International Student Accommodation

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The concept of studying abroad is comprised of diverse experiences as the student moves out of the home country and steps into the host country of the dream college or university. For instance, it is a dream of every student to live a diverse on-campus life as it offers a healthy learning environment with various additional learning experiences. The accommodation for students in an international study is comprised of several options including dormitories, hostels, apartments on rent, etc.

Furthermore, read the information below to explore different accommodations available to international students.

Different Accommodation available to international students

The colleges and universities may have limited or excess accommodation facilities on their campus for international students. Moreover, the colleges and universities facilitate assistance to their international students in finding the desired accommodation according to their needs and requirements. The primary and foremost options of accommodation available to international students include dormitories, staying with local families, and shared apartments for rent. Furthermore, the available options of accommodation vary as per the individual budget as well as the accommodation needs. Let us have a quick look at the different options available to international students for their accommodation.

On-Campus Accommodation

On-campus accommodation is the highly-preferred option of accommodation for international students, especially in the initial stages of studying abroad. For instance, it is associated with various beneficial advantages including safety, diverse culture, better connectivity with the college or university, etc. which enhances the overall experience of studying abroad. It allows the students to minimize their time for traveling in reaching their classes. In addition to that, the other major beneficial advantages include the safety of students with CCTV surveillance, easy access to the library, in-campus cafeteria and dining, etc. It also facilitates students in spending more time with their classmates and increasing social interaction which enhances their sense of belongingness. The students living on the campus have access to a higher number of social as well as cultural events organized by the college or the university.

On the other hand, the fewer disadvantages include the limitations in the premises, strictness, smaller size of rooms, limited allowance for the facilities from outside the premises, etc.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Almost every college and university offer on-campus accommodation but there are very few institutions that do not have the required area and facilities for accommodation. In this case, international students are required to look for suitable off-campus accommodation near the college. Though off-campus accommodation incurs higher prices and responsibilities it allows students to interact with a community outside campus life. It does not limit any restrictions on international students as compared to on-campus accommodation. The students living in off-campus accommodation are required to look out for cleaning and cooking on their own which results in a hectic schedule but at the same time, students can choose their roommates in sharing an apartment.

Furthermore, universities and colleges assist international students in finding a desired accommodation outside the university. The only pitfall associated with the option of off-campus accommodation is the concern for the safety of students and the time that they incur while traveling to their classes.

Accommodation with Local Families

The preference for the option of living with the local family in the host country is increasing with the high number of international students in a country. The concept is organized in order to prevent the situation of homesickness where students can focus completely on their studies and learning experience. Living with a local family facilitates them in feeling the experience of living at their home as it also includes safety and a healthy relationship with the local family. The mentioned option for accommodation generally includes the cost of food in the rent where the students are provided with the additional advantage of cooked food at their place. Primary and foremost advantages of accommodation with local families include safety and a healthy environment, a sense of family comfort, home-cooked meals, etc. which enhances the living experience of international students.

How to Find the desired International Student Accommodation?

In order to find the best accommodation, there are a few points to consider which are as follows:

  • Is the accommodation comprised of basic standards of living including furnishings?
  • Are study desks for laptops or computers available or not?
  • Is the accommodation include a kitchen area with basic utensils and cooking items?
  • Are the bed sheets clean and hygienic and if the laundry facilities are available?
  • Does the accommodation offer internet access?
  • What documentation is required for the contract and the charges that will be incurred?

If you want more knowledge on accommodation available to international students, get in touch with us at 21K School and our experts will be available to help you.


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