Undergraduate And Postgraduate Programmes At Boston University, USA

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An overview of Boston University 

Located in Boston, Boston University is one of the best universities to complete your undergraduate as well as master’s in the United States. According to Wall Street, Boston College is a private research university in Boston, Massachusetts, ranked 27th on the Global University Rankings 2022.

Salient features of Boston University 

The University of Boston offers as many as 600+ courses across various domains and streams for the students to choose from. The University witnessed a humongous chain of admissions the previous year and expected even more in the upcoming year. 

In 2022, Boston University has a total number of 4000 or even more faculty members, all having specialisation in their respective subjects, and the strength of the University was more than 35,000 students, which is enough to describe how popular it is in the United States among the youth pursuing their degree programmes. 

The University of Boston operates on three campuses, with as many as 17 schools and colleges spread across the campuses. The prime location of its south campus, right above a hill, makes the whole vibe of the campus breath-taking.

Although the strength of the University seems to be high, one needs to burn midnight oil to secure a seat here at Boston University in the course of his/her choice. The acceptance rate is barely 20 per cent which is enough to break so many expectations of an aspirant. Even after securing admission into one of the undergraduate programmes, one needs to put extraordinary efforts and maintain a GPA of more than 3.7 to ensure a seat for the Master’s programme.

Unlike many of its close competitors, Boston University doesn’t focus solely on research and academics but on the overall growth, development and nurturing of a student. Just like a plant needs water, air, sunlight, and an excellent environment to give fruits and flowers. Boston took this concept very early on and had been working on the same since.

Even though Boston tries its best to be able to provide all that one needs in his/her school or college, it is consistently ranked lower than the rank that it could have achieved. Due to its restrictive campus policies and too strict hostel timings, it ranks consistently lower than it should have. The liberty aspect, essential in one’s life, is missing here in Boston even though it is expected to become more liberal by the end of this year.

The sports facilities here in Boston are very exciting. There are more than 600 student clubs with students participating in all the US major national and international events. Student Societies contribute to the clubs by providing them with the right mentorship and guidance. The main sports attraction of Boston is the Ice hockey rink which is well-maintained and one of the best in the US.

Talking of the alumni base, one can never forget the contribution of Boston’s graduation in writing global history. Alexander Graham Bell was a professor at Boston before he went on to discover the Telephone in 1876 in the University’s laboratory. Apart from this, Boston has produced many Olympians, including the most famous one in the 400m hurdle race in 1968 with a gold medal on his neck. 

Some other honourable alumni include President William Howard Taft and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in politics, Robert Lowell and Elie Wiesel in literature, Martin Luther King Jr. and many other famoous personalities that have enlightened themselves here at the University of Boston. It has produced many Nobel Laureates and several national award winners too.


If you ever think of getting admission into the United States or want to study in one of the most sought-after universities in the world, Boston must appear on your list. Even though Boston isn’t one of the ivy league institutes yet but is not any less than them; from academics to personality development to co-curricular activities, Boston tries its best to give the students a level-playing field. 

Thus, the day isn’t far when Boston will be counted among the world-renowned universities and ivy league institutes. Therefore, a bright and prosperous future is awaiting you right here in Boston. “Learn till your last breath” is the motto of Boston University, and the same is highly appreciated as well as strictly followed by students.

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