UK University Admissions to Return to a More Predictable Cycle

21K School · Feb 7, 2023 · 3 min read

UK university admissions to return to a more predictable cycle

The updates on admissions in college keep on changing. It is essential for students who have ambitions to apply to top universities to keep themselves updated. After two years of pandemic hiatus, admissions in UK Universities have started this week, and they need to be more predictable. Students should check back on this website to know what new has come.

UK University Admissions to Return to ‘More Predictable’ Cycle, Says UCAS Chief

After a two-year pandemic hiatus, this summer admissions in UK Universities have started with a ‘More Predictable’ Cycle as students are waiting for their results of A-Level.

As per the chief executive, Clare Marchant of UCAS, A-level results will be announced this week. Many students in Wales and England can get admission to their selected universities. After the pandemic, formal exams first time going to happen. UCAS’s comment that students who are anticipating low marks with their educators who are working to get inflation in grades in near future.

As this was the time of this pandemic, traditional school exams were replaced by teacher assessments. It helps many students to get the highest marks and top grades. Now that exams are back this year, it is assumed that the attainment level will not work this year.

Russell Group reports that admissions exams will be very competitive for students. However, the universities are giving an equal chance to all to get selected and give them opportunities to grow with them with having a good quality of experience among students.

As admissions in top universities are becoming competitive, this fact is among many students that young ones could miss the opportunity of getting selected in the institution of their choice because they will not get top grades as students will get awarded fewer top grades this year.

We want that most students get admission to their selected universities or colleges. It is assumed this year that the selection process is going back to being more predictable.

UCAS has stated that this year, it is important to record the number of students applying to universities with the required institution of the highest grades.

This year, several offers were refused in the many competitive courses like dentistry and medicine. This year approx. 15.6% of applied students will receive a low offer from 20.4% in 2021. And the higher tariff figure gives fell to 55.1% from 60.5%. Many educational experts have said that low total results will lead to the failure of many students to get their desired offers.

At the University of Buckingham, the Centre for Education and Employment Research’s director, Alan Smithers, about 40000 students are going to lose the chance of getting into their choice college. He adds that 35% of applied students would receive a grade of A or A+ this year.

Other top stories in admissions news this week:

  1. The Wall Street Journal says HBS (Harvard Business School) will take a rare move. It is coming with a new scholarship program based on the needs of candidates. This scholarship will include a tuition fee of about 10% for MBA Students. It is very rare when any university gives scholarships based on the needs of students instead of their merit. Before it, HBS provided full scholarships to needy students, about 2%. Now the question arises about how they measure their needy students’ income. Officials of HBS use a formula to calculate the current assets, income, and debts of students and will collect data about their socioeconomic background to check who is eligible to get a full scholarship. 
  2. Prior president of 2 HBCUs, NPR has seen that Historically Black Universities and Colleges have a great increase in applications come from black students and families. But the most significant advantage is that HBCUs are a secure place to learn about rising anti-Black racism.
  3. The Times reports that in the UK, private school students feel that there will be an increase in their chances of getting selected at Cambridge and Oxford because they are making efforts towards giving more admissions to state school students. So, they think they are turning towards Oxford.

According to Eton College, the students who are going to the US for studies get drawn by the way of study programs, good quality sports programs, and their international perspective. Read this blog to get a deeper understanding of how to apply to US universities

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