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Nice is a beautiful city in France that attracts thousands of international students each year with its high-quality study programs, fun and relaxed lifestyle and alluring tourist spots. Studying in Nice is an enriching and thrilling experience owing to its quality education offered at various universities, great culture, and scenic locations.

Popular courses at universities in Nice include Sports, Medicine and Engineering, and the average cost of programs is INR 52,000 per year (undergraduate) to INR 1,00,000 per year (postgraduate).

Benefits of Studying in Nice

Nice provides many advantages to students coming to the city to pursue an education.

For students in the sciences, there are many opportunities for research in science-based courses, including studying for a Ph.D. The city is also culturally rich with multiple museums and places where people can enjoy concerts, operas, the theater and even the casino. The third busiest airport for business purposes is located in Nice, and the city has a strong business presence.

Studying in Nice means gaining an education, not just in the classroom but beyond it too. After attending lectures, students have plenty of opportunities to learn about the local culture of the area with its array of museums, local shops, beaches, and mountains. The city of Nice also has a comfortable climate with 300+ days of sunshine a year and temperatures ranging from 5°C winters to 27°C summers.

Top 3 Universities in Nice

There are the top three universities in Nice:

University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

This is one of the best universities in Nice and attracts thousands of students worldwide. Dating back to the 17th century, the university boasts a reputable research and training facility, top-class education programs, and a vibrant and diverse study environment and culture. It has separate campuses for:

  • Sciences (named Valrose)
  • Law (named Trotabas)
  • Economics and Management (named Saint-Jean d’Angély)
  • Letters, Arts, and Humanities (named Carlone)

It also has the following institutes:

  • Laboratoire de Zététique
  • IAE Nice Graduate School of Management
  • School of engineers
  • Centre de la Méditerranée Moderne et Contemporaine
  • University Institute of Technology
  • Institute of the Right of Peace and Development (IDPD)
  • University Polytechnic School – Polytech Nice-Sophia

L’École Du Journalisme (EDJ)

The EDJ is a recognized school that has professional journalists as teachers. Students get real-world training with media, newspapers, radio, TV, and news sites serving as study materials. The EDJ has over 25 years of experience teaching journalism. It offers internships in over 60 countries and seven partner universities for overseas studies. Government-recognized, the EDJ is a part of the Erasmus Charter and its Bachelor’s degree is listed in the National Directory of Professional Certifications.

National Art School Villa Arson

The National Art School of Villa Arson is an art museum, elite school and research institute for contemporary art. It provides courses in different types of art forms, such as painting, engraving, lithography, screen printing, and photography. It offers students the opportunity to study near an art center and benefit from residential artists. Every year, students are invited to meet and collaborate with innovative performers. It boasts an array of art research programs and a specialist multimedia library. Students have the opportunity to earn undergraduate qualifications (such as the National Diploma of Visual Arts) and postgraduate qualifications (such as the Higher National Diploma of Plastic Expression).

Programs Offered in Universities in Nice

  • Mathematics
  • Finance, Business and Banking
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy
  • Journalism
  • History
  • International Relations
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Marketing
  • Political Science
  • Philosophy
  • Dentistry
  • Physics, Chemistry, and Natural Sciences
  • Agriculture and Biological
  • Accounting

How to Apply for Universities in Nice?

The application process varies from one university to the other, but the common process is:

Choose the University

Begin the application process by choosing the preferred university based on the program. Then, check the eligibility criteria set by the university before applying.

Prepare the Documents

Check the document requirements on the universities’ official website. Some common documents required by universities in Nice are IELTS scores, a statement of purpose, and letters of recommendation.


Once the documents have been prepared, students can apply for their course by providing academic, work-related and personal information.

Required Documents

These are the documents required by universities in Nice:

  • Academic documents
  • CV
  • Passport
  • Student Visa
  • Photographs
  • Fee payment proof
  • Local Language Certificate
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Financial support declaration
  • Motivation Letter
  • Research proposal outline (MA, Ph.D.)
  • Supervisor Agreement Form (Ph.D.)
  • Application (online form)
  • Email
  • Visa

What is the Cost of Living in Nice?

Living and studying in Nice can be expensive if students do not plan their budget accordingly. It is best to know the various expenses before applying to universities in Nice. Students’ monthly living costs in Nice will include accommodation, food, internet, and transportation, and this will cost around Rs. 68,000 to 68,600 every month.

For students who are looking for information and assistance in applying to universities in Nice, contact the experts at 21K School today!

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