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The University of Central Arkansas, UCA, located in Conway, Arkansas, is one of the USA’s oldest and most notable public universities. The university has six colleges, best known for psychology, business, performing arts, and humanities courses. The classes at this university began way back in 1908 with seven faculty members and 107 students, and now there are more than 8,200 undergrad students. The faculty-student ratio is now 1:16, with about 4.8% international students. Read further to know all you should know about UCA.

Academic Courses Offered At UCA

The UCA offers both online and offline degrees and certificates for students. There are about 37 online degrees and 64 graduate degrees to explore. It is known as the top university for business and humanities, but it is also top-notch in other graduate and undergraduate programs too. The areas of courses and programs available are:

Natural sciences and mathematics

Students can choose from:

·     Physics and Astronomy

·     Chemistry and Biochemistry

·     Computer Science

·     Biology

·     Environmental Science

·     Geography

·     Mathematics. 


Under business programs, you can choose from:

·     Accounting

·     Economics, Finance, Insurance, and Risk management

·     Marketing and Management

·     Management information systems

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences:

Options in this area of expertise include:

·     Art

·     Communication (Writing, Public relations, journalism, communication)

·     English

·     Creative writing, Theatre, and Films 

·     Music

·     Philosophy and Religion

·     Political science

·     Anthropology, Criminology, and Sociology

·     History

·     Music

·     Languages, Literatures, Linguistics, and Cultures


Under this category, you can find programs like:

·     Leadership Studies

·     Teaching and Learning

·     Literacy, Special Education and Elementary 

Health and Behavioral Sciences:

Programs under this category are:

·     Exercise and Sport Science

·     Family and Consumer Sciences

·     Military Science and Leadership

·     Occupational Therapy

·     Communication Sciences and Disorders

·     Health Sciences

·     Nursing

·     Physical therapy

·     Psychology and Counseling

Research Opportunities at UCA

Apart from providing undergraduate and graduate programs, research opportunities are also available. It is an essential field that promotes practical learning and hence an integral part of this university. The idea is to prepare the students for future work as they study and get their degrees and certificates. To enable students, there are many groups and departments designed to explore the research tools. Some of the fields where there are exciting opportunities are: 

·     UCA Concussion Management Program

·     Adult Neurological Research Group

·     Client Feedback in Counseling

·     Camp Halsey Archaeological

·     Taxation and the Behavior of Individuals, Entities, and Governments

·     Inter-Professional Education

·     Arkansas Center for Research in Economics (ACRE)

·     Corrections, Culture, and Career Lab

Life at UCA for a Student

There are many reasons a student aspiring for success should opt for UCA courses. The major benefits of studying at UCA are high-class affordable education and amazing student life. Apart from excellent faculty lecturing classes, there are many recreational activities. The community has over 200+ student organizations, clubs, and activities designed for students’ passions and interests. It also provides many sports and athletic programs to keep the students physically fit. To name a few sports, baseball, volleyball, and softball are among many. 

Notable Alumni

Many significant people have been alma mater at UCA. Some of the noted people are: 

·     Gil Gerard (American actor) 

·     Hiroyuki Nishimura (Japanese entrepreneur)

·     Scottie Pippen (American basketball player)

·     Benjamin Travis Laney (Former Governor of Arkansas)

·     Sheffield Nelson (American attorney)

Career and Employment

Career and Employment

UCA provides opportunities and facilities to students after their studies. The university has tied up with a large network of companies and employers. These companies are eager to hire the students of UCA after completion of the courses. Some of the activities that the university does to help with the career and employment of their students include: –

·     Mock interviews for students to gear up for upcoming interviews with top companies.

·    Create budding professionals from the campus by doing resume reviews to ensure students’ profiles get picked up.

·      The university has appointed career coaches to help students get a better perspective.

·  Career planning and assessments help students identify their potential and choose the right company. 

· Organizing career fairs that the students can exclusively utilize. These virtual fairs offer many interesting and beneficial features. 

Important dates 

At the UCA, the academic terms are divided into three intakes. The spring semester is between January and May, and the application deadline is December 1. The next is the summer term between June and August, with the application deadline of April 15. The fall semester is the last term of the year and is between August and December, with the deadline for the application being July 10. 

 UCA is a place with many interesting courses and opportunities. Come, learn and build yourself a promising career in this prestigious university.

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