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The University of Essex is one of the top universities in the United Kingdom, offering multiple educational and professional courses focusing on research projects and theoretical studies.

Faculty at the University of Essex

The University of Essex is called “Home for the Brave and Bold”. There are three faculties present at the University of Essex.

  1. The Faculty of Humanities
  2. The Faculty of Science and Health
  3. Faculty of Social Science

The departments and schools for the faculty of Humanities are the Department of History, Literature, Theatre Studies, School of Law, and School of Philosophy. The departments for the faculties of Science are the School of Life Science, School of Health, and Social Care. In addition, the Faculty of Social Science use the Department of Psychosocial.

Popular Fields of Study at the University of Essex

The University of Essex offers a large number of courses. Students can select preferred undergraduate, postgraduate, or research-based methods from the available studies according to their interests. Some of the courses available at the University of Essex are Art history, Accounting, American Studies, Biochemistry, Biological Science, Biomedical Science, Computer Studies, Childhood Studies, Computer Science, Drama, Data analytics, English language, Entertainment, Environment, Finance and Banking, Global Studies, History, Human rights, Journalism, Marketing, MBA, Sports, and Translation and interpreting.

1.  Psychology at the University of Essex

Studying psychology courses at the University of Essex has many scopes. One can become a psychologist, a data analyst, a health expert or a marketing expert after pursuing psychology at the university. Students studying psychology at the University of Essex have EEG and eye tracking access.

A few psychology courses offered by universities are:

Undergraduate courses: BA Psychology, BSC in Psychology, BSC in Cognitive Science. Postgraduate courses: MSc in Psychology, MSc Research Methods in Psychology, MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology, and MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology.

2.  Data analytics at the University of Essex

Students studying the particular course at the University of Essex have the opportunity to make a future career in any government department as well as the private sector. Many of the world’s top data analysts have got their education from the University of Essex.

Some popular data analysis courses offered by the university are:

  • Undergraduate courses:  BSc in Data Science and Analytics, Integrated Masters in Science in Mathematics and Data Science, BSc in Statistics, BSc in Mathematics with Computing, BSc in Sociology with Data Science and an Integrated Masters in Science in Actuarial Science.

Postgraduate courses: MSc Data Science with Professional Placement, MSc Data Science and its Applications, Statistics, MSc Statistics and Operational Research, Postgraduate Diploma Statistics and Operational Research, and MSc Algorithmic Trading are some of the courses available.

3.  Computer Science at Essex University

This course is useful for understanding the world of computers. There are some specialised fields in computer sciences, i.e., artificial intelligence, gaming, bio-data, and robotics, which a student can take up while studying Computer Science at Essex University.

Some of the popular courses in computer sciences are:

Undergraduate courses: BSc Computer Science, BSc Computer Games, Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Networks, Bachelor of Engineering in Computers with Electronics, and Bachelor of Engineering in Robotics.Postgraduate courses: MSc in Artificial Intelligence and its Applications, MSc in Big Data and Text Analytics, MSc in Data Analytics in Healthcare Genomics, and MSc in Financial Technology.

4.  Finance at Essex University

This course teaches students how to trade stocks, analyse financial markets, and forecast civil unrest. These are some of the scholarships provided by Essex University to support students who are interested in qualifying for the Chartered Financial Analyst Exam. Faculty teaching in the finance department of studies comes from the Bank of England and the Federal Bank.

Some of the most famous courses in finance are:

Undergraduate courses: BSc in Finance and Management, BSc in Finance and Mathematics, BSc in International Business and Finance, and Integrated Masters in Accounting: Accounting and Finance.

Postgraduate courses: MSc in Banking and Finance, MSc in Computational Finance, MSc in Finance and Data Analytics, MSc in Finance in Global Trading, and MSc in Finance and Investment.

5.  Business management

This course helps the students to get a real-world focus and business experience. Business management at Essex University is ranked in the top 25 universities for research excellence. In addition, a one-year study abroad session is available at the University of Essex to boost the practical training of the students.

Some business management courses offered by Essex University are:

Undergraduate courses: BSc in Business Management, BBA, BSc in International Business and Entrepreneurship, BA in Business Economics, BA in Business Management and Language Studies, BA in Business Management and Modern Languages, BA in Global Studies with Business Management, and BA in Philosophy with Business Management.Post-graduate courses: Masters in Business Management, MSc International Business and Entrepreneurship, MSc Human Resource Management, and MSc Organizational Change Management.

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