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University of Pennsylvanis

Is enrolling at UPenn on your bucket list?

Do you fantasise about taking a stroll down Locust Walk in May as the cherry blossoms begin to bloom and turn colour? Do you have a tattoo of Benjamin Franklin? Hopefully not. However, you’ve arrived at the right place if you’re looking to enrol at UPenn.

Like all Ivy League colleges, admission into UPenn is challenging, but if you don’t understand the distinction between UPenn and Penn State, it becomes even more challenging. This post will discuss what makes UPenn different from the other Ivies and provide tips on how to stand out in your application.

Identity and History

UPenn has strong linkages between its past and present. It was initially established in 1740 as a charity school. Still, it was later transformed into an academy in 1751, thanks greatly to Benjamin Franklin, who served as the first board of trustees president.

The University of Pennsylvania is one of the oldest institutions in the country. It became the first medical school in colonial America in 1765 with the founding of the School of Medicine.

Even in the 1700s, Benjamin Franklin had a vision for UPenn that included a multidisciplinary approach to education that combined traditional classroom instruction and theory with real-world application and community engagement. UPenn now refers to itself as “the Ivy League without the ivory tower.”

Five Interesting UPenn Facts

1. If You Reach The Compass At Locust Walk, You Won’t crash

Myth: Freshmen will lose their midterms if they cross the compass engraved into the middle of Locust Walk. According to legend, a fraternity created the tale as a conversation topic with freshmen girls.

2. UPenn changed its motto in 1989

Before someone pointed out that it could be interpreted as “loose ladies without morals,” the University of Pennsylvania’s motto from 1756 to 1898 was “Sine Moribus Vanae.” “Leges sine moribus vanae,” meaning “laws without morality are in vain,” is the current motto.

3. Learners throw bread onto the football pitch during home games at Penn

Learners toss bread onto the field during home football games when the lyric “here’s a toast to dear old Penn” is sung during the fight song, covering the area with 20,000 to 30,000 pieces of toast per game. The toast custom traces back to the Prohibition era when learners used it to protest the college’s prohibition of alcohol.

4. The ENIAC was created at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering at UPenn

At the Moore School of Electrical Engineering, the ENIAC, the first general-purpose electronic computer, was developed in 1946.

5. The country’s oldest track and field competition is held at UPenn

Every year, the Penn Relays are held. They are the country’s most significant and oldest track and field competition, having been held since 1895.

The Best Chances Of Admission To UPenn

Academic criteria for admission to UPenn are on par with those for access to other Ivy League institutions. If one wants to compare the requirements for Harvard with those for UPenn, we have a comprehensive piece about how to get into the Ivy’s here and a thorough look at how to apply for Harvard.

The entrance recommendations for each of the four undergraduate colleges at UPenn are slightly different.

• Both UPenn Engineering and the Wharton School demand exceptionally high preparation in mathematics, with calculus coursework if feasible.

• The College of Arts and Sciences wants to see a balanced and advanced college-prep curriculum.

• Learners should submit an AP math score exclusively for Wharton (calculus or statistics). Additionally noteworthy would be a grade in AP Economics.

• The School of Nursing prefers learners with excellent science backgrounds, especially chemistry.

• In addition, candidates for admission to the School of Nursing should take the Biology and Chemistry AP exams and submit their results.

• Learners should submit their AP Calculus and AP Physics test results for Penn Engineering.

Acceptance Rate at Pennsylvania University

2020 acceptance rate at UPenn was 7%. This number includes applicants who used the usual decision process and those who received an early decision deferral. Early decision, however, might not be the best course of action for learners who require their senior year’s autumn semester to improve their test scores, GPA, or activity profile.

Some undergraduate programs are more competitive than others, although all of them are. The UPenn School of Nursing (25% admittance rate) is the least competitive of the four schools, while Wharton (9% acceptance rate) is the most difficult.


A learner who applies to a less competitive program and then transfers later has a better chance of being admitted if they maintain their competitiveness and focus on the institution they are applying to.

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