What Are The Most Unusual US College Supplemental Essay Prompts

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unusual us college essay supplemental prompts

Meta: Essays are an important part of the admission process. Here are some unusual US college essay supplemental prompts.

With Essay prompts becoming exceptionally important during the admission process, certain unusual or bizarre Essay Prompts leave educators spellbound. Today, this article will highlight the most Unusual US College Supplemental Essay Prompts from universities such as Tufts University, UChicago, and UPenn. There are more than 900 schools along with 54 international universities which consider Common Application essays, test scores, stellar grades, extracurricular achievements, and common application. 

Commonly known as the personal statement, the Common App Essay prompt is a 650-word essay that tells the reader the kind of person they are. The personal statement needs to be personal and focus on a special element of the readers’ life that is not reflected in the rest of the application. This is way easier said than done appropriately. Standing out in the crowd, especially during college days, can be a tedious process; however, if done rightly, Essay prompts can do so. 

Several universities offer help with college essay structure and format to all applicants so that they can truly bring their best foot forward and showcase their writing skills with utmost dedication and creativity. Here is the list of the most unusual and creative US college supplemental essay prompts. So, what’s the wait for? Let’s dive right in! 

Unusually creative Essay Prompts 2022 

Here are some of the most creative essay prompts that might let your creative juices flow without much thought. 

  • University of Chicago

What advice would a wisdom tooth have?

  • Chapman University

What would be the one dish that you will cook for the school’s admission team?

  • Pomona College

Choose one out of the two; Coke or Pepsi? Marvel or DC? Instagram or TikTok? Which is your favourite pick? 

  • University of Vermont

Which Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavour best describes you?

Admission authorities are always on the hunt for creative candidates who display problem-solving, critical, and creative thinking skills all at once through their Essay Prompts. Hence, it is essential for the readers to bring their most creative game out when writing Essay Prompts. 

Unusual US College Supplemental Essay Prompts for last year. 

University of Chicago 

When we talk about the most creative and unusual Essay prompts, the first name which pops up is the University of Chicago. Applicants here come up with the most creative prompts which get them into their dream university. When students visit the University of Chicago website, there are many Essay Prompts with the name of the applicant who submitted them. 

  • Prompt 1 

“Have you ever visited warehouses of stores such as Sam’s Club or Costco and wondered who would ever buy this large jar of mustard? I have bought it myself; however, it never stopped me from thinking about other creative aspects and wondering about things such as impulse buys, excessive use of mustard, absurd eating contests, notions of bigness, excess, or storage. Write an essay about a foot-and-a-half tall mustard jar with a creative yet serious tone. 

Tufts University

If the University of Chicago is considered the number one position, Tufts University is nowhere less. Here is their unique essay prompt, which might make you think about how!

  • Prompt 1 

It is believed that something as tiny as a butterfly fluttering her wings might cause a typhoon halfway worldwide. History is loaded with these linchpins – events or discussions which might show a larger-than-life impact on the future. Suggest some changes in history and what will be affected the coming tomorrow. 

When this prompt came into the limelight, it grabbed all eyes and became a point of discussion. This was designed for the fans of history, where life would have taken either a better or the worst turn one can ever imagine. Additionally, it would be challenging for all applicants to showcase their creative side while saying something about themselves.  

University of Southern California

The last on the list is the University of Southern California. This is yet another best US universities that might be considered a close competition when it comes to the unusual Essay prompts.

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  • (Short Answer) Hashtag to describe yourself

In Essay prompts, there are generally a few short questions and answers that help college authorities better understand students. In 2017, a unique question was asked to all students, and they were asked to choose a hashtag that best describes them. Although it might sound easier, describing oneself in a single word would require much brainstorming. 

Final words 

Essays are one of the important extracurricular activities for college applications. When writing essay prompts, let your creative juices flow like no other! 

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