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21K School · Apr 11, 2023 · 3 min read

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Adhav lives in New Zealand and is a learner at 21K School World Campus. Before joining 21K, he never felt her progress to be much satisfactory. However, he was attending a school and gaining insights into various educational topics with traditional methodology. He knew that something was wrong, and he could not put his potential to the best use. He then searched the internet to find answers to questions running through his head constantly. And then he came across 21K School World Campus.

Before enrolling, he wanted to make sure that he was getting the best out of the educational world, as traditional education could not do any good, and he wanted to challenge her understanding. Finally, 21K is where he found solace as it covered all the parameters of academics and extracurricular activities that would help him develop his overall personality. Not only this, but he was also ecstatic that he was able to study ahead of his year at 21K. Adhav, who is just 14 years old, knows what is best for him, and that is why he proudly says that being a learner at 21K was the best decision of his life so far.

His take on online education

Adhav says online education is more beneficial than traditional classroom settings. Undoubtedly, the classroom size is limited as fewer learners are there, more interactive sessions lead to productive outcomes, and questions get solved there and then. He also says that because of online classes at 21K, he can manage his time in a better way. Whenever he has a problem regarding a topic, he drops an email to his 21K facilitator and receives an email containing information related to that topic.

For him, the online system works wonderfully in many ways to explain a given topic. In addition, he says the facilitators rely on online tools to simplify the case, which is a missing element in the traditional teaching methodology.

His passion for robotics led him to create a self-driven car model he presented at National Robotics Competition. This design was unique, and he won this competition to understand Robotics and its science. Apart from this, tennis and football hold a special place in his heart. He always wanted to pursue his higher education at an institution that had equal weightage to sports. At 21K School World Campus, he feels happy that he can plan his academic calendar per sports events and not vice versa.

The best part of the 21K curriculum is that the timings are flexible. Also, according to him. Most people think that online education lacks a social aspect. He says this is not true as learners bring the advantage of being from a diversified community. This diversification helps his personal growth and provides him with opportunities that would not have occurred otherwise. It also provides him access to a larger community of people with more expertise, experience, and wisdom.

There is a plethora of members of the 21K community that have studied at reputed schools and universities from across the globe. For him, their feedback is crucial as he can follow in their footsteps and avoid mistakes that they made in the first place.

Why 21K?

Since he joined 21K School World Campus, he says he has been on the productive side of education. During traditional classes, he was not that attentive; this learning did not happen at all. But he thinks that at 21K, lessons are planned so that learning happens automatically and is learner-oriented.

According to Adhav’s father, since he joined 21K, they have noticed a transformation in his behaviour towards academics and learning. He has become more responsible and serious about his career. His father states that 21K is the best pathway to support the education that one might attain in the future.

Adhav sees 21K as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that opens doors to better career choices. He gets the best of both worlds at 21K – academics and extracurricular activities. He is happy to choose 21K as his education partner because it challenges him to become the best version of himself every second. Now, he does not feel that he is not being exposed to the outer world and learning things from various communities. He is delighted that whatever he was looking for, he has found from the comfort of his home.

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