What Made Harper choose 21K?

21K School · Apr 11, 2023 · 3 min read

Harper choose 21K

Harper Smith from New Zealand is a swimmer who finds solace in the tides of the oceans. The foundation of her life lies in four central pillars – goals, motivation, discipline, and balance. So when she explored 21K School World Campus, she knew this was the best decision of her life. Not only can she give time to her passion, but she can also pursue her education without any stress. At 21K, she is exploring the dynamics of the international curriculum and studying Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

For her, swimming keeps worries at bay and allows her to experience the magic flowing into her passion. She swims long distances to explore the happiness within. She understands the true meaning of balance, whether in life, education, or sports. Therefore, she was constantly searching for a place to help her grow academically without giving up her love for swimming. She is delighted that she found 21K online to continue her higher education. For her, 21K is not just an educational institution but also a place where she can become the best version of herself.

She is simplifying life for everyone

The way she thinks is impeccable. For her, taking baby steps toward her goals is extremely important. However, more important than that is having everyday goals. Having an ultimate goal is nothing for her; she finds happiness in making progress every day and measuring her progress. She has a clear, realistic, and achievable goal that keeps her motivated every second of the day.

She feels passion is nothing if discipline is not a part of it. The journey towards a goal will only be fulfilling if discipline is the route. For her, discipline reminds her of exactly what she wants in life. She says discipline in her life is the anchor between purpose and passion.

Lastly, she says balance is what keeps us going. If she is not happy with what she is doing, where she is at the moment, and especially with herself, then nothing else matters in her life. It is crucial for her to feel joy and enjoy every moment of life. But, this does not mean pushing herself so hard that her spirits break. Rest, take it easy, be in the moment, relax, and breathe through life is what she usually does.

What made her choose 21K?

As a swimmer, she wanted an institution that did not take away her passion. Luckily, 21K is a place where she found that passion and education can work hand-in-hand. She never wanted to compromise on her overall development, and 21K School World Campus gives her the privilege to follow her passion without letting her academics take a back seat. As a result, she can now fulfil her dream of studying with international learners but not at the cost of her passion.

In life, she says, progressive growth is what matters the most. If she is not challenging herself to do better and become better, she feels she is not living the best life. And 21K provides her with the right balance she needs to conquer the world.

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