When Should I Start the College Admissions Process?

21K School · Jul 26, 2023 · 2 min read

Selecting a good college sometimes becomes a task. But the question is ‘when should you start the college hunt?’

We would say the early birds get the most benefits in this whole process. 

Experts suggest that a student should start the college admission process during the freshman year. One should start looking for good colleges that offer the courses you want to pursue.

One can also prepare for ACT and SAT exams to get a scholarship and college admission resume.

Start From The Freshman Year

Right from the beginning, your course selection is very important because the right course will get you good grades so that you can apply for good colleges. You must sign up for extra curricular activities also to build your resume. You should focus on your studies right from the beginning to stay consistent with your studies.

Asking for help whenever needed is the best way to preserve your grades.

Be Consistent In The Sophomore Year

As you started in the Freshman year, you have to be consistent in the Sophomore year. Regular study and practice will make you perfect for your college admission.

Continue developing new skills and participating in extracurricular activities so that they help you in your resume building.

Start taking practice tests for AST and SAT to get an idea of questions that are going to be there in main exams.

The Junior Year

Being consistent is the key. You can start with internships and externships in the areas in which you want to build your future. Those will give you a field knowledge to make you take right decisions for your future. Start a focussed preparation for your AST and SAT.

Start Applying In The Senior Year

This is the last step, you can start applying for colleges during your senior year. This year requires a lot of hard work because you have to study to get good grades as well as prepare for college admission.

The early you will start, high chances of getting admitted to a good college will be.

So that was the step by step guide to start your college admission process. Education just requires hard work, determination and consistency throughout.

Good Luck With The Process!!

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