When Should You Start College Applications?

21K School · May 24, 2023 · 4 min read

When should you start college applications?

Every high school student interested in college is aware of the “College Applications Season.” Students prepare to exhibit their last four years of academic and extracurricular achievement during this intensive period on their college applications.

Having all the components ready will allow them more time to fine-tune each element and make the application as robust as possible because they only have a limited time to complete their actual university applications. Here we will lead you through the university application timetable when they should start looking into universities, taking standardized tests, college essay preparation, and finishing their applications if they’re interested in the application process or are prepared to get started.

When do applications to universities open?

The variation between schools is one issue with college applications. Each college determines how applicants should submit their application, when the application period begins, and, of course, when the final submission deadline is (as well as any early decision or early action deadlines). This implies that one will need to keep track of various dates and deadlines for each college to one applies. However, as most universities open their applications at the same time, this won’t have a substantial impact on their timeline in the long run.

Additional factors somewhat influence the timetable for college admissions. Many universities use the Common Application process, and on August 1st, all Common Application schools start their applications. This standard application opening date has been the same for several years.

Timeline for University application

Students can follow the timeline suggested below for their US university application process:

18 months before the US study

  • Investigate courses at various colleges and institutions.
  • Register for and analyze for the necessary entrance examinations. 
  • Continue putting up an effort in class.
  • Think about seeking advice from an educational consulting firm on admissions counselling.

12–14 months before the US study

  • Decide which colleges one wants to apply to.
  • Assemble all the documentation and information required by each school.
  • Get ready for and pass the necessary entrance examinations.

10–12 Months before an American study

  • Obtain forms again if necessary.
  • Choose their references and send them the required referral forms.
  • Obtain all academic transcripts.
  • Prepare an application essay.

Ten months before the American study

  • If test results weren’t adequate, retake the entrance exam.
  • Arrange all the necessary funding.
  • Complete all college applications, then submit them.

Three months before the American study

  • Obtain a student visa.
  • For one’s time abroad, look into the alternatives for health insurance.
  • One should make travel plans for when they get to the United States.

A month before American Study

  • Considerations that are crucial at this time.
  • Understand ways to prepare for the classes before arriving in the United States as part of one’s travel preparations.

How to improve my chances of getting into university?

It can be competitive to get into any university. But because there is so much competition, getting into the best universities and Ivy league schools is more complicated. Therefore, how might one raise their chances of enrolling at a highly regarded university?

  • Get good grades – One’s grades are the first thing universities look at. One must achieve at least the course’s admission criteria, preferably more.
  • Obtain employment and volunteerism – Universities prefer students with work experience as it imparts certain skills to the students that inexperienced students lack. So, students must ensure they have some experience working or volunteering to strengthen their application.
  • Participate in extracurricular activities – Students must also show that they have done more than just attend classes. Extracurricular activities for college applications are crucial, so if a student participates in any—even just one or two—let the university know and tell them how it has benefited the student.

Final comments

Hope this blog answers your question – when should you start college applications? Even though students have months before the first deadline, and it may seem stupid to begin working on one’s application so soon, scheduling the time and beginning the process will help one spread out their preparation so one may avoid frantic last-minute revisions. This allows one to work through the issues one finds challenging before taking the admissions test or going to the interview.

Even though the UCAS deadline, test, or interview are months away, it might be challenging to push forward with preparation. However, the fantastic position one will be in will make it worthwhile. Consider it an investment of time, and it will all be worthwhile once a student receives an offer from a prestigious university.

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