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Karin Rezkalla is 15 years old and lives in Wagga, New South Wales. She understands the benefits of being an all-rounder in the 21st century. Therefore, she joined 21K School World Campus to enhance her academic goals and opportunities. She is a brilliant kid who topped her academics thrice in a row. At 21K, she is pursuing International GCSE Chemistry and Accelerated Mathematics. She is a bright learner, scoring excellent marks in a recent exam related to her subjects. She always wanted to challenge her knowledge by interacting with academically gifted learners; it became a dream come true at 21K School World Campus.

She wants to grow in life; emotionally, spiritually, and educationally, and 21K is the right ecosystem for her to grow both internally and externally. She is not only good in academics but has a golden heart too. She raises money for refugees, plays different musical instruments, and speaks three different languages. This shows that though she is too young, her understanding of life and what she needs to achieve higher things in life are pretty clear to her. She balances her life well as a learner by giving her passion, dream, and studies equal time and opportunities.

Why did she choose 21K?

Karin is a focused and dedicated child who wants to expand her academic horizon beyond just a standard curriculum. While pursuing her classroom education, she wanted to give wings to her career by studying internationally in the comfort of her home. While searching about 21K on the internet, she wanted a school that not only focuses on grades but also delivers an opportunity to enhance social skills, and she believes that 21K has done that right. Without 21K, she would not have gotten a chance to meet new people from across the world and give her academic career a new phase without giving up on her current lifestyle.

The one thing she admires about 21K is its education quality, as the class size is small, and the facilitator-learner interaction does not take a back seat. There are one-on-one question answers sessions and a safe environment where she can clarify her doubts if any. Though the classes are online, that never became a hurdle for her. She feels the same vibe attending an online course as during an offline class, with supportive facilitators and classmates from different countries.

Apart from studies, her driving force in life is extracurricular activities. As a learner, she knows the importance of these skills that play a vital role in the overall development of a child. Therefore, she plays tennis, roller skating, and plays with her brother for one hour daily.

The best part of 21K School World Campus is that it uses tools like Zoom, Google Docs, and drives that are easily accessible from any part of the world. As a result, she does not have to worry about attending classes from a particular place or on a specific device. The luxury of time and comfort, along with quality education, is what she gets here at 21K.

Achievements at 21K

Her achievements in 21K have given her a strong standing as she is a part of the 21K newspaper and the 21K learners board. She also started with her social enterprise fair movement blog. She firmly believes that women can change the narrative of life and career. Therefore, it is a platform for young women that gives them the voice to uplift their confidence.

21K School World Campus is synonymous with a school for gifted learners, and she always wants to become the best version of herself. Luckily, 21K is that realm for her that has given her the proper exposure she needs to excel in life. In addition, she has been able to meet and explore the same interests by interacting with people from all across the globe.

At 21K, some international learners possess the same calibre as her. Therefore, she always pushes herself to reach higher goals to achieve great things. Sitting with people with the same intellectual level gives her a chance to enhance her own and challenge her to become better every day.

She also believes that to do justice to what 21K delivers, she has to be dedicated, hardworking, motivated, and determined. From excellent mentor support to learner support, she recommends everyone who has a passion for quality education to explore 21K School World Campus 21K School World Campus for further education.

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