Why Did Max Choose 21K School?

21K School · Mar 24, 2023 · 3 min read

Why Did Max Choose 21K School?

21K School World Campus is an online platform operating with the sole mission of providing globalized teaching and mentorship to students who are willing to learn out of the box. 21K is an internationally acclaimed school that has refrained from offline learning and operates entirely on online platforms.

Facilitators from all parts of the world impart world-class knowledge to students across different locations. They are connected to their students in small live classes to facilitate personalized learning.

The main aim is to impart the following: –

  • Access to the latest educational technology 
  • A holistic approach to  students 
  • Connect to a  global learning environment 
  • Various extracurricular activities and 
  • Positive school culture

Who is Max, and Why was encouraged to join 21K?

Max is 13 years old, lives with his parents in Wanaka, New Zealand, and is a full-time student at 21K School World Campus. He chose 21K because it allows him to focus on his studies while having the opportunity to pursue his passion for sports and extracurricular activities on the South Island. 

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Max loves to bike and row in his free time, and his goal is to finish a tour of his favourite city in France!  “Online learning with 21K is challenging and exciting.”

Why are scholars opting for 21K?

21K is a very diverse school with students from 72 countries with different goals. Everyone comes with their own stories and reasons, but after talking to countless families during our initial consultations, there were undoubtedly some common trends. 

  • Students want to give a try at new subjects

One-third of 21K students study a minimum of one subject higher than grade level. Therefore, it’s not rare that many students return to 21K when they want to explore new subjects. Students find it challenging to take up new assignments and subjects to pace up and get ahead of their current curriculum. Various categories at 21K provide different topics and subjects that a candidate can opt for online learning.

  • Online schooling in the comfort of home

Post-pandemic, there have been upside-down changes in lifestyles. Who would have thought of schools being regulated over the internet where students and teachers can stay at home and teach and study? Many students as well as their parents are now preferring online schooling to maintain social distancing. Many of the wards have experienced online schooling for the first time. Parents feel that a more complex syllabus or curriculum can be understood from Personalized Learning through online classes. 

  • Pursue studies in other nations 

When it comes to opening up global opportunities, no school is better equipped to support its students than 21K. By teaching  International A Levels, Advanced Placement Subjects, and the US High School Diploma, students learn the curriculum favoured by leading universities such as OxfordHarvard, and Stanford. In addition, full-time students have regular meetings with the head of the University Advisor, an international university admissions expert. Finally, 21K students are supported by teachers who know how to write meaningful letters of recommendation that can significantly change a student’s chances of admission. 

  • Flexible Timings

Regular school timings call for full-day attendance. These school timings are set in such a manner mainly because it includes mandatory curriculum and other designated extracurricular activities. Students prefer 21K to pursue their passions and interests apart from the routine they must follow without fail. For example, artists and athletes can find the courses and participate accordingly and sign up for practice sessions. Young and brilliant minds can explore innovations and can work on on-the-job projects while learning from world-class teachers. 

  • Resides far from the urban set-up 

Some families live quite far away from urban settings. 21K has proved a boon for those students by becoming an on-the-go school. For those families who migrate or travel frequently, the 21K curriculum and class sessions are quite helpful.

Final Word 

21K School World Campus 

21K school is a one-of-its-kind academic institution, which gives children an opportunity to learn, innovate, grow and move with the times, all from the comfort of their homes. Set up in 2020, today the 21K community involves over 7,000 learners from 72 countries and 200 plus facilitators.

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