Why is Poland an excellent Choice for Studying?

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Are you interested in finding study-abroad opportunities, particularly in Europe? Envision getting your degree in the geographical heart of Europe.

Why is Poland an excellent Choice for Studying?

Students worldwide flock to Poland to take advantage of the country’s rising supply of top-notch higher education institutions to meet the rising demand. As a result, Poland offers many opportunities for international students to further their education, including access to educational institutions with cutting-edge teaching practices and state-of-the-art facilities, competitive tuition rates, and a manageable cost of living.

Cost of Education in Poland:

The cost of education in Poland is significantly lower than in any other European country or region. The annual tuition fee is now set at 1500 EUR (1,20,000 INR) and will only occasionally go up to 3000 (2,40,000 INR) EUR. The cost of living for students is manageable, ranging from as low as 80 EUR (6,500 INR) per month for a shared room to between 100 (8,000 INR) and 200 EUR (16,000 INR) per month for an apartment that is also shared.

However, the increased demand for places to stay may produce pricing differences between locations. For example, the cost of living for international students ranges from 350 (28,000 INR) to 550 EUR (44,000 INR) per month. In contrast, the cost of living for international students in larger cities like Krakow and Warsaw ranges from 500 (40,000 INR) to 850 (68,000 INR) EUR per month.

Some Famous Universities in Poland are:

It is no surprise that Poland is home to several world-famous educational institutions. Several highly regarded universities in Poland cater to international students by providing instruction in English. Some of the most famous ones are:

1.  Jagiellonian University.

2.  The University of Warsaw.

3.  Warsaw University of Technology.

4.  AGH University of Science and Technology.

5.  University of Zielona Gora.

6.  Adam Mickiewicz University.

7.  Wroclaw Medical University.

8.  University of Wrocław.

Eligibility and Scholarships:

International students often choose to study in Poland because there is no entrance exam to enroll in. Instead, the requirements are high school graduation, evidence of financial stability, and proficiency in either English or Polish.

The Polish government offers fully funded studies for All international students willing to study free or for a reduced cost in Poland. In addition, all three degrees at the Polish university level (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate) are available to be attended on scholarships.

Some of the famous Scholarships are:

  1. Government of Poland Łukasiewicz Scholarship
  2. University of Warsaw Scholarships
  3. Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Scholarship
  4. Ulam International Programme
  5. Lazarski University Scholarship

Polish Culture and International Students

Poland is now home to a population that is ethnically and racially diverse. With such a broad and diverse population, bias of any type is unheard of in this metropolis. Therefore, your interactions with other students from different parts of the world will enhance and fascinate you as a learner.

Poles are known for their gracious hospitality. International students in Poland can rely on the kindness and friendliness of locals, who try to be kind and friendly despite natural and cultural differences. While modern Poland is relatively uniform, the country’s diverse customs and growing population of international residents help visitors from other countries cope with culture shock.

Most students who study in Poland rave about the country’s rich history, stunning natural beauty, exciting modern culture, and diverse extracurricular opportunities.

Learning Polish is a path that international students can take to understand Poland better, look good on future Curriculum Vitae, and gain access to previously unavailable job opportunities.

Working Rights for International Students:

For most students, being away from home might be a significant difficulty. However, covering the fee of the chosen programs and your day-to-day costs is the most stressful part of this situation. International students can lawfully work in Poland as long as they are enrolled in an accredited school there. In Poland, a full-time student’s employment schedule does not have to be reduced because of their academic commitments (40 hours).

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