Get Work Experience During University Time

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Get Work Experience During University Time

One can believe that getting a degree and obtaining work experience are mutually exclusive. They might worry that devoting time to both of these time-consuming pursuits will result in issues like stress and underperformance. However, numerous individuals frequently demonstrate that this notion is untrue. They don’t struggle to fit work and school into their schedule after establishing a clear plan and mastering time management skills. All a person needs to achieve something is a plan and a goal. The following strategies will help a student obtain valuable work experience during university time:


The best opportunities to gain work experience might not be financially rewarding but its one of the best extracurricular activities for college applications. One should start exploring internship possibilities as early as possible in their undergraduate career, such as the summer following their first or second year. They can visit the employment centre at their college, as well as websites like and Idealist, to discover internships (for non-profit opportunities). Finding the appropriate training can be difficult, so students should be sure to investigate a position before deciding to apply for it. Scams can happen anywhere, including in the internship industry.

The advantage of doing an internship is that it focuses on teaching about the inner workings of a specific industry or firm. Therefore, both contributing and learning are required of interns.

60% of polled employers said they would be more willing to consider an applicant for a full-time position if they had completed an internship.

University research

Working with a professor on a research project is a fantastic opportunity for students with physical science or social science majors to obtain work experience. Not all roles are published on the school’s career portal; obtaining this experience might be challenging. 

One should make initial contact with each department’s secretary. The quickest strategy could be to write a brief email requesting information on any research groups that might need an undergraduate assistant because it is frequently the secretary’s role to manage the financing and paperwork for such a post.

Because most active research groups have discretionary cash in research grants, speaking with professors directly can be beneficial. A position may be available if one can show, in a quick meeting, that he/she is smart, engaged, and honestly interested. Whether a professor chooses to hire an undergraduate assistant may depend on the quality of the available talent. Additionally, he or she might be able to find out about available employment before it is advertised.

Opportunities for independent study or volunteering

A focused volunteer endeavour or independent study might count toward one’s work experience if one cannot find a suitable paid career. For instance, in a small town with few job options, one’s best bet might be to figure out how to show off the traits that employers value, such as timeliness, organizational prowess, honesty, etc. In addition, one should look for regular volunteer opportunities with a regular schedule, ideally in a field associated with one’s major.

Following a routine will show prospective employers that one is trustworthy and will offer the managers an opportunity to assess him/her over an extended period (which can lead to high-quality letters of recommendation). In addition, one will have the opportunity to earn experience pertinent to his field through independent study when it is carefully linked with facilitator research.

Part-time roles

Getting part-time employment, as opposed to other possibilities on the list, can ensure one has a consistent income and set hours. These are the main justifications for choosing it as a college experience option. If one is willing to work a part-time job but has no luck looking? Here are some brilliant ideas. Utilize these to unlock a world of job opportunities:

●   Instagram and Facebook

The two most reliable information sources are Facebook and Instagram. Social networking networks may begin posting job listings for one as soon as they start using Google for job search. One should keep these choices in mind while looking for work opportunities.

●   LinkedIn

In contrast to Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn focuses only on offering job possibilities. Therefore, one can make a profile, update the résumé, and look into potential career paths there. Additionally, one can locate volunteer and internship opportunities here.


Competition is increasing at a very high speed. So, one should use these chances to gain basic life skills while still in school. This will not only enable them to develop talents that are applicable across industries, but it will also increase the confidence of potential employers when they review their resumes. In addition, these positions can offer a priceless window into what it’s like to work in or own a business in a particular industry.

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