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One of the most challenging but crucial professions in the world is teaching. A motivated instructor makes a difference between a student merely passing the course or realizing the full potential. Experts emphasize the hard-working teachers who go above and beyond to give students the most excellent possible virtual learning environment. Today, everyone honors them!

What is International Teachers’ Day?

World Teachers’ Day was created by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1994. This holiday celebrated on October 5 every year, commemorates the adoption of the UNESCO Guidelines regarding the Status of Teachers in 1966. This text established the fundamental guidelines for teachers’ duties and rights. These comprised the conditions for learning, beginning preparation, education, employment, and career. Policy regarding the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel, a companion document from UNESCO, addressed the problem of teaching staff in higher education in 1997. In 1994, the inaugural World Teachers’ Day was celebrated and is now observed on October 5 each year.

How Is International Teachers’ Day Observed?

UNESCO develops an annual campaign in collaboration with Education International (EI) to promote a greater awareness of teachers’ importance in civilization and students’ lives. The epidemic’s impact on teachers will be the main topic of a five-day series of international and local activities that will begin this year. These activities aid in public education and teacher preparation for teachers to perform to their best capacity.

The Joint ILO-UNESCO Committee of Experts on Implementing the Recommendations Concerning Teaching Personnel (CEART) conference and this year’s festivities are held simultaneously.

This Year’s Theme

The topic of World Instructors’ Day in 2021 is “Teachers at the core of education recovery” in recognition of the effects of lockdown on educators and teachers. This time, the pandemic’s impact on the profession is in the spotlight. It also looks for sensible policy responses and the necessary steps to give educators more power and enable them to reach their maximum potential.

Why Teachers Need A Special Day 

Teachers are essential to education and significantly impact their students, especially in the beginning. Education is not just about taking courses. Therefore, teachers have a more significant duty to mold children into unique individuals and see that they develop holistically. A good teacher may inspire pupils to maintain a positive outlook, acquire moral principles, and help create a bright future for themselves, their communities, and their nation.

There are many outstanding teachers in India. For instance, in India, the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is observed as “Teachers’ Day.” Savitribai Phule is renowned for establishing schools for Dalit girls. Great educators like Swami Vivekanand and A.P.J. Abdul Kalam are highly regarded nationwide.

Why Should People Celebrate World Teachers Day?

World Teachers’ Day is significant because it provides a yearly chance to honor teachers for supporting and nurturing today’s youth. Every year, World Teachers’ Day has a different subject to raise awareness of today’s educational environment and acknowledge the immediate demands and difficulties teachers face.

UNESCO acknowledged in 2020 how critical it was to underline the relevance of the educational mission. They urged governments to support efforts to increase young people’s preference for teaching as a career. They also praised “lifelong learning opportunities for all” and “open and inclusive quality education.”

The theme for World Teachers’ Day in 2021 is “Teachers at the core of education recovery” in light of the COVID-19 epidemic. This year’s subject focuses on how society can help teachers recover and ultimately support them.

Worldwide World Teachers’ Day 

Does anyone know that while other nations recognize World Teachers’ Day on different occasions throughout the year, only some do so on October 5?

For instance, the first Tuesday in May is designated as National Day in the United States of America. On September 5, India observed it, while on September 10, China recognized the work of teachers.

On October 5, though, the day is observed in several nations, including Russia, the Republic of Moldova, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Romania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Myanmar, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Kuwait, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, Macedonia, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Bangladesh, Maldives, and Mauritius.

Hamdan Prize for Teachers from UNESCO 

In 2008, UNESCO established the Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Prize to honor exceptional teaching practices and results. The top priority of UNESCO is to promote better teaching and learning while fulfilling all educational objectives.


How did one express gratitude to the educators in the life this year? Don’t limit the expression of gratitude to October 5 if one believes that they owe more. While having a designated day for a worldwide holiday is crucial, anyone can express genuine gratitude whenever it suits them.

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