Yale University: Your Dream Destination

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If you are dreaming of acquiring a global education from a prestigious Ivy League University, there are good chances that someone would have sounded you about Yale University. In the most recent World University Ranking, this prestigious research institution ranked fourth amongst its US counterparts. However, before even we begin, please bear in mind that the acceptance rate of students vis-à-vis applicants here has dropped below the ten percent mark in the not-so-distant past.

The Rich History Of Yale

Yale University has, over the centuries, kept the light of scientific inquiry shining brightly. This 300-year-old institution, founded as the Collegiate School in Saybrook, Connecticut, was the first University in the US to award a Ph.D. in 1861. The Collegiate moved to New Haven in 1718 and found its name as Yale College, in honor of Welsh benefactor Elihu Yale.

When Yale’s School of Arts came up in 1869, the University opened its gates to women for the first time. Currently, more than 6400 undergraduate and 8000 postgraduate students are enrolled at the University. Even in the class of 2021 for UG courses, women students marginally outnumbered their male counterparts cementing the progression of gender equality in academia.

A Sprawling Campus

A beautiful blend of tradition is witnessed when you visit the 260 acres of the Yale campus in New Haven. There are buildings dating back to mid of 18th century amidst modern high-rise gems.

The University comprises as many as 14 schools, with the curriculum spread across fields ranging from pure sciences, technology, humanities, and social sciences. The crown jewel is Yale’s library which holds more than 15 million volumes, making it the third largest in the US.

The display museums of Yale are cultural and scientific treasure troves. One can find Van Gogh’s Night Café, the Gutenberg Bible, historical and ancient musical instruments, and even fossils of dinosaurs. The fertile and imaginative academic atmosphere mints global creative leaders in every walk of life.

Academic Courses and Facilities

Yale University is comprised of three major components. Yale College (the undergraduate program), the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and Yale professional schools. Additionally, the University encompasses a wide array of centers and programs, libraries, museums, and administrative support offices.

Music and Drama happen to be the most popular courses at the University. Along with being culturally rich, Yale has a great sports tradition with over 30 men’s and women’s university teams and over 40 club sports. The University’s athletic facilities include a lush green gold course and tennis, polo, sailing, and ice hockey centers.

Unity in Diversity

If a university campus boasts of having student representation from 115 countries, we are talking about a truly global and diverse academic institution. This is the case with Yale University. Out of the total number of students on campus, the number of international students is 22 percent. Safe to say that students from all over the world flock to the University and bring their unique experiences and culture along with them. The University celebrates diversity and inclusiveness through many of its annual initiatives.

Endowment Funding

With an endowment funding of more than $42 billion, Yale University is the world’s second most prosperous academic institution. Most of these contributions come from the institution’s global alumni network.

World Famous Alumni

Some alumni names passed out from this institution resonate with citizens worldwide, even today. The trail-blazing streak goes back to the historical moment when four Yale graduates signed the American Declaration of Independence. The University has been the learning ground for five US Presidents. It has been the cradle of creativity for as many as 20 noble laureates, including Paul Krugman. It also has the names of thirty-two Pulitzer Prize winners on its rolls.

Some other famous names include US secretaries of state Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Academy Award-winning actress Meryl Streep also calls Yale her alma mater.

Need-blind Financial Aid policy

Yale University’s foremost attractive proposition for aspiring students is its need-blind admission policy for all applicants. Applicant citizenship or immigration status doesn’t merit consideration. Yale provides need-based financial aid awards to all admitted students based on individual assessments. There is no provision for merit-based or academic excellence-based scholarships.

A weighing mechanism for granting aid value has been designed for international students, which considers the relative difference in the economic strength of their motherland concerning the United States.


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