Yale’s acceptance rate for the class of 2026

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Yale University

The admission percentage for Yale University’s Class of 2026 was a low 4.46%, the least in recent years. Yale University followed the same route as neighbouring Ivy League powerhouse Harvard University. The most applicants ever to Yale submitted 50,015 applications as well!

Only 2,234 applicants were accepted by Yale for the Class of 2026. These chosen few are from 58 nations, 49 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam. Through QuestBridge, 81 of these students were linked with Yale.

Yale accepted student event for the class of 2026

Bulldog Days, a joyful event that emphasizes Yale’s extracurricular and academic life, is another occasion when the Yale admissions department is excited to welcome recently admitted students to campus. This event was held for practically two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quinlan stated, “I am thrilled to reinstate this significant campus tradition and am thankful to the innumerable students, teachers, and staff across Yale College who will contribute to the success of this year’s celebration.

For the class of 2026, Yale’s acceptance rate and enrollment statistics

Overall Yale acceptance rates

Number of ApplicationsAccepted StudentsAcceptance Rate
Regular Applications3749514343.8%
Early Applications728880010.9%

Results of Yale’s regular admissions for the class of 2026

Yale only accepted 2,234 applicants for the class of 2026, 1,434 of whom came via the normal admissions process.

There were a record number of applications, according to the Common Application’s most current data. This data showed that more students were submitting applications to colleges around the nation, especially those in the Ivy League and other prominent universities. This rise is likely a result of more students applying to colleges than ever before, many of which do not demand the ACT or SAT.

Class of 2026 early admissions results from Yale

Yale revealed the results of its early enrollment process for the Class of 2026 in December 2021. It was found that eight hundred students earned early admission or a 10.9% acceptance rate. To increase the chances of being selected by Yale, applying as early as feasible is suggested.

Results of regular admission to Yale during the previous three years

Yale had an all-time high number of applications while also having one of its lowest acceptance percentages this year. The figure below shows Yale’s admissions statistics over the preceding three years.

General Acceptance Rates for Yale Admissions

2024 Class2025 Class2026 Class
First-Year Applicants in Number352204690550015
Admitted Candidates230421692234
Admission Rate Overall6.54%4.62%4.46%

Early Decision Statistics for Yale

2024 Class2025 Class2026 Class
Total ED Candidates577779397288
Total Rate of ED Admissions13.8%10.5%10.9%

How many applicants does Yale accept each year?

Yale got 46,905 applications last year, which is a record for the university. At 4.62%, the admission percentage was the lowest institution ever.

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