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How does it work?

The rising cost of private school education and sub-par learning outcomes in public schools is driving parents to consider Online Schools that offer greater transparency, better personal attention and deeper learner engagement.

21K is redefining the K-12 Experience Virtually. With a 4-Pillar Framework, it is turning Physical into Virtual, Optimizing Learning:

4 Pillars

With our 21K Programmes, learners enjoy a seamless online learning experience tailored to their needs and interests, leading to an improvement in academic and co-curricular performance.

The school follows an annual academic calendar and conducts live classes online for 1-4 hours, five days a week (depending on the grade).

Learners can start the academic year in September or January, aligned with the suitable end-of-the-year assessments that are usually held in November and June.

The Primary, Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary and Advanced Levels are open for full-time students and part-time students.

Under full-time, learners typically do not enrol with any other School and study all core subjects as per the curriculum with 21K School. Part-time learners are usually either homeschooled or studying with other schools but enrol with 21K School to gain additional credits by pursuing one or more subjects of their preference.

Full-time Learners may also enrol for additional subjects over and above the core subjects offered as part of the Programme.

Learners are required to keep their video camera / Webcam, microphone, and speakers on throughout the learning hour. Recording of classes conducted is available for learners to review till the end of the academic year.

Note: All classes are recorded and stored in AWS Servers in a safe and secure way. Learners’ personal data, images and videos recorded are not used for commercial purposes. Please refer to the Data Privacy Policy for detailed information.

  • Classes conducted by experienced, and highly skilled facilitators of various nationalities
  • Special Classes by subject experts and real-life achievers
  • Conferences and Online Events
  • Wide range of capstone courses

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