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Personalised Learning 

"One-size-fits-all" education is losing its relevance, given the proliferation of online learning platforms that serve customised programmes for learners.

At 21K School, when learners perform tasks, the data generated from work is instrumental in understanding the pace of their progress. If they fall behind or struggle to keep up with fellow mates, the online program can provide them with additional resources, or the teacher can take note of the pattern and intervene.


Resources Available

  • Streamlined and integrated workbooks and coursebooks by Cambridge University Press
  • User-friendly and intuitive Learning Platform to keep learners engaged
  • A digital dashboard that allows parents to keep track of their child’s progress in real-time
  • AI Driven Personalised Learning Platform for learning nuggets
  • A platform for conducting a variety of interactive science experiments, and simulations using 3D and AR/VR technologies
  • Annual subscription to the internationally acclaimed “Code Monkey” platform from Cambridge University Press.
  • Cloud-based digital library with access to over 1 million books, audio and video material
  • Award-winning Raz Plus English Reading Programme
  • Privacy and protection of learners’ and parent’s data

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